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T-Series Rose with French Vanilla Loose Leaf

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by Dilmah
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Type: Black Tea

Single serving: / teabag

A seductive tea, combining a fine Single Region Pekoe from the Nuwara Eliya region with the sensuous and almost mystical fragrance of Rose Petals. Celebrated throughout history for its sensuality, Rose is one of the most pleasing of flavours. This gentle tea is encircled by the soft and slightly sweet aroma of red Rose - an alluring and gentle brew. The Rose fragrance is tinged with French Vanilla.

T Series Loose Leaf

T Series Loose Leaf

Loose leaf teas are non-bagged teas. This format is popular among tea aficionados who prefer the traditional style of brewing tea in a teapot. Dilmah offers a range of loose leaf tea online, across our product ranges.
Meet the T-Series Designer Gourmet Tea By Dilmah
A tea for every occasion. Dilmah t-Series presents a collection of teas that are known around the world only for their excellence. Teas so different that there is a tea for every mood. The range presents a vast array of designer gourmet teas including Very Special Rare Tea like the Ceylon Silver Tips and Seasonal Flush. The Seasonal Flush by t-Series is a tea so rare that it is produced only as a result of a seasonal phenomenon that occurs twice a year.

Available formats:
Loose Leaf Tea

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