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Sweet Shot Blend 500g

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Premium Blend

Flavor notes: Sweet Lemon, Muscovado, Cacao Nibs, Roasted Nuts

Origin: 100% Arabica

Acidity: Medium Level

Body: Medium Level

Feel right at home wherever you are with this medium-bodied blend with sweet lemon, muscovado, cacao nibs, and roasted nuts tasting notes.

This 100% Arabica blend represents the best of both worlds. It's a combination of imported and local beans from the Philippines and Colombia, resulting in a sweet and comforting cup full of flavors.

Try it with milk to taste honey, vanilla, creamy milk chocolate with smooth hints of orange.

- Whole Coffee Beans
- Grind size options: Coarse, Medium, Fine
- Roast Level: Medium
- Available in 500g and 1kg
- Pre-order: 2-3 days ship out



Bring home the finest blends of coffee beans from around the world that we’ve carefully put together to create unique and complex flavors that you will surely enjoy.