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Stimulating the Filipino Coffee Industry

The better way to tell people who we are is with the perfect balance– Equilibrium is profoundly represented by the natural bisected coffee bean made up of brown bean and green leaf. The new Equilibrium logo is inspired by passion, love for coffee and support for environmental sustainability.
Driven by Passion
Love for the Coffee Industry
Supporting Eco-sustainability

Our Journey

Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

Our beginnings were spent working from home by our Founder. This humble beginning eventually led into building an interesting career and an organization that is focused on beverage creation.

Fast forward 22 years later, we now carry a variety of coffee & tea products that grace most cafes, restaurants, diners, hotels, and resorts just to name a few. Equilibrium has been your Beverage Partner in the past 22 years.

Growing with the Industry

Growing with the Industry

As the coffee trade began to grow in the late 1900s, we saw the need to expand our products from Torani Syrups and Sauces to other world renowned products. So we searched for top-quality brands that will meet the standards of the consumers. The hard work that was maneuvered gave rise to Equilibrium to be a one-stop-shop for the coffee and tea needs. Up until today, we are looking forward to share wisdom on beverages, business-building, recipe formulation, specialty coffees, etc.

Revolutionizing the Specialty Coffee Trade

Revolutionizing the Specialty Coffee Trade

The Specialty Coffee Trade has transformed significantly with its coffee renaissance entering its 3rd wave. The café scene has shifted from chain establishments to independent hole-in-the-wall concepts, while brewing methods are diversifying beyond espresso-based beverages. This evolution has given rise to a new generation of espresso machines through espresso profiling. These developments have dynamically altered the market, demanding authenticity and presenting new challenges. Equilibrium is once again at the forefront of these changes. To adapt to this shifting landscape, we proudly represent Synesso Espresso Machines, Rancilio Specialty Coffee Machines, and MAZZER Coffee Grinders in the Philippines. Additionally, we have enhanced our brewing capabilities with the introduction of Animo Coffee Brewers.

Philippine Specialty Coffee

Philippine Specialty Coffee

Most recently, we set up Curve Coffee Collaborators. CURVE is a roasting company that focuses on the perfect roast of different coffee bean varieties and origin by searching for their perfect roasting parameters as represented by each roasting curve. Our Coffee Hunters and Roasters always take a step further in assuring perfection by working sustainably and partnering with coffee farmers, who are all part of a bigger and better Equilibrium enterprise.

Through this all, we never forget about Customer Service. Being into our customer shoes day in, day out. Always taking that extra step, that extra mile to make them happy customers.

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