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Coffee Distribution Tool 58MM

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by Feng Ru
Original price ₱980.00 - Original price ₱980.00
Original price
₱980.00 - ₱980.00
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Elevate your coffee brewing game with our Coffee Distribution Tool 58MM. Engineered for precision and designed to enhance extraction, this professional-grade tool ensures even and consistent distribution of coffee grounds in your portafilter. Crafted with a 58MM diameter, it perfectly fits most standard espresso machines, allowing you to achieve optimal results with every shot. Whether you're a passionate home barista or a seasoned coffee enthusiast, our Coffee Distribution Tool is a must-have tool to unlock the full potential of your espresso brewing. Take control of your coffee experience and savor the rich flavors and aromas with our Coffee Distribution Tool 58MM.

  • Anti-slip handle
  • Height adjustment ring
  • Stainless steel base
  • Material: Stainless Steel Base + Aluminum Alloy Handle
  • Weight: Approx. 390g
  • Diameter: 58mm
  • Adjustable Depth: Approx. 5~6mm


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