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Omega Hand Grinder

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by Mazzer
Original price ₱38,535.00 - Original price ₱38,535.00
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₱38,535.00 - ₱38,535.00
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The Omega is the new manual hand-grinder designed for coffee excellence at home and on-the-go.

Minimalistic yet solid in design, the Omega is made from high-tech machinery-processed steel and aluminum bars. It features carbon fiber components for strength and lightness, neodymium magnets for durability-tested performance, and stainless steel and anodized aluminum to optimize mechanical performance.
Mazzer’s conical burrs guarantee even grind size distribution and consistent coffee extraction every time.



  • Burrs: stainless steel conical burrs
  • Standard Burrs: 198C (Fast), 199C (Soft)
  • Axle material: stainless steel
  • Lever material: carbon fiber
  • Knob and tank material: anodised aluminium
  • Magnets: neodymium
  • Grip: silicone
  • Adjustments: from ibrik to french press coffee. External micro-step adjustment ring
  • Index: True Zero calibration with numerical index of the grind settings
  • Weight: 750 g (26 oz)
  • Maximum capacity: 42 g (1.5 oz)

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