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T-Series Green Tea with Jasmine Loose Leaf

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by Dilmah
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Type: Green Tea

Single serving: / teabag

A mild and delicate tea with a pale yellow infusion and pronounced Jasmine aroma. Green Tea naturally enriched with Jasmine flowers, has been a favourite of the Chinese since the Southern Song Dynasty. The sweet smelling Jasmine flowers are mixed with Green Tea to naturally impart their fragrance and distinctive flavour. A delicious palate cleanser after strong tasting or rich food.

T Series Loose Leaf

T Series Loose Leaf

Loose leaf teas are non-bagged teas. This format is popular among tea aficionados who prefer the traditional style of brewing tea in a teapot. Dilmah offers a range of loose leaf tea online, across our product ranges.
Meet the T-Series Designer Gourmet Tea By Dilmah
A tea for every occasion. Dilmah t-Series presents a collection of teas that are known around the world only for their excellence. Teas so different that there is a tea for every mood. The range presents a vast array of designer gourmet teas including Very Special Rare Tea like the Ceylon Silver Tips and Seasonal Flush. The Seasonal Flush by t-Series is a tea so rare that it is produced only as a result of a seasonal phenomenon that occurs twice a year.

Available formats:
Loose Leaf Tea