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Rancilio Classe 5 USB Tall 1GR

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Original price ₱244,063.00 - Original price ₱244,063.00
Original price
₱244,063.00 - ₱244,063.00
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  • Steady Brew – (USB and S versions only, no 1GR, 1GR TALL, 1GR TANK)
    -Rancilio Steady Brew (SB) technology is the evolution of the traditional thermosiphon system and introduces a set of innovative features designed to improve the performance of the single-boiler Rancilio espresso machines. By keeping the water temperature stable during extraction, Steady Brew guarantees excellent thermal stability, reliability and maximum repeatability, both during busy periods and in low usage conditions. Rancilio Patented Technology
  • Design
    -Classe 5 transforms elegance, robustness and functional minimalism into a distinctive modern aesthetics.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
    -Only 5 minutes to complete the daily cleaning cycle and just 2 to remove the front panel and the cup-holder grid for all maintenance operations.
  • A complete versatile range – (USB and S versions only)
    -Classe 5 is available in Tall versions, with raised groups to hold cups up to 14.5 cm high, and also in compact versions for limited working areas. On request, Classe 5 S can be ordered with gas heating (2GR and 3GR only) and in the Tank version (1GR only), which does not require fixed water connection.
  • Standard colours
    -Classe 5 is the ideal companion for many different kinds of bars, coffee shops and restaurants. The three colours make it adaptable to any concept design style.

Width: 410 mm / 16.14 in

Height: 520 mm / 20.47 in

Depth: 539 mm / 21.22 in

Weight: 37 Kg / 81,57 lb

Max Cup Height: 80 mm / 3 in

Boiler capacity: 4 liter

Power: 120V~,60Hz 1,8kW / 220-240V~,50-60 Hz 2,05 kW

Classe 5

Classe 5

Offers premium essentials functionalities and performance at an affordable price, as no other entry level espresso machine on the market. Built with Rancilio coffee technologies and high-quality materials, it ensures thermal stability at the top of its range. Classe 5 is focused on what matters most: quality in the cup, ease-of-use and reliability. Its features are combined in a contemporary industrial design. And with a wide range of versions, there’s a Classe 5 suitable for every need and working conditions.

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